Violate and Control

by american

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Tim A black plague of mindfulness and distain. Stunning. Green. Beautiful, open-ended abhorrence Favorite track: Amorous and Subdued.
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released June 23, 2017

Composed by MB
Lyrics by JG

Performed by american

Additional vocals on "Submission Psalm" by Valentina Lopez (

Recorded and mixed with spite by american
Mastered and born again by Anthony T. Vi



all rights reserved


american Virginia

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Track Name: Visions Of Great Faith
Nature of man. Victimless crime. Hand at my back. Just wasting time. “Man is a self-conscious nothing”. Shaking hands with forever, but you can’t shake this feeling. Pull back the black fabric and rest easy in this- your death means what?
Track Name: Necklacing
I’d wear your fire around my neck if it meant one more day of watching you fade away. Your defeat is sublime- truly an act of god. So simple when we were young. It was an afterthought. Love like ashes, life like embers: hot to the touch but hollow and fake.
Track Name: Bedsheet Ossuary
Pulling back black fabric to see dry bones picked clean by the best of me and what was the best of us. You doomed it from the start. Never had a chance at this. Doomed to breed. Breed to die. There’s no good in being alive.
Track Name: Amorous and Subdued
Naked in my bed, pulling back the black fabric to reveal a lesser god upon your body. Cut like white lines designed to keep you up all night. The cross I bear is a lie. I did this to myself. And for that, I must destroy what I am, what I was, what I will be, for it is all I have and all I will be. Sway in low light- the great low life.
Track Name: Defecting Ways
I want to see your clothes on my floor again. Ocean of fabric. Sea of stitch. I want more. The great “I was” reigns with vitriol like only a mother could. Oh shame, bathe me with such eroticism, the kind we buried in the first place. I am the naked body dead in your bed. Pulling back the black fabric to reveal the millstone. Pull back black fabric.
Track Name: I Am Thine Enemy
Take me- I am he: son of nothing, spawn of void. Cradling a bastard child before his heroin god. What lies beneath black fabric can never forgive. Wash it clean, wear its stain. Worship thee for it bleeds unto thee. Let it be. Let it breathe. Let it see.